Chaleur... My home, my future. April 29, 2017
Atlantic Host Hotel
Bathurst, NB
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Rediscover your region!

CHALEUR MY HOME, MY FUTURE! has the purpose of facilitating the return of post-secondary students to the Chaleur region, allowing them to attend workshops, networking activities and to familiarize them with the tools available to start their own business.

Participants must be originally from the Chaleur region.

Places are limited so apply now!

The subjects that will be presented at this event:
  • The challenge of opening a business
  • Chaleur in statistics/Regional profile
  • Business programs and services
  • Distinguish yourself in your job search
Certain travel expenses will be covered by CBDC Chaleur.

For more information:

Contact: Isabelle Arseneau
Tel: (506) 548-5951
Email: isabelle.arseneau@cbdc.ca

* First Name  * Last Name  * Email Address 
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* Province  * City  * Postal Code 

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  City   Postal Code

* Age (years)  * Bilingual * Current Occupation

* Education: I have graduated from... * Education: I will be graduating from...
* Field of Studies  * Date of Completion

* Why are you interested in pursuing your career in the Chaleur region? 

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